1. Are you preparing to buy an apartment, complete a house or villa, or renovate and repair your living space?

2. You do not have much knowledge about the field of interior design and construction, experienced questions arise such as: Should I hire an interior designer? How much does it cost? Why do some companies offer free interior design, some companies charge a fee for interior design? Sometimes the price is not known in advance, you don’t understand the materials and supplies, when should you hire and when not? interior design…?

There are still many concerns that you are facing when researching interior design and construction. You are afraid that when hiring an interior design unit, you will definitely have to pay high prices. The intermediaries standing in the middle are linked to unstable workshops, which will later affect product quality and warranty. maintenance. Afraid of wasting time on design and construction, and wasting money because of the fear of having too many sub-items in the design.

Above are some problems that we see most customers often encounter and based on many years of experience working in the field of interior design and construction, we are confident in providing customers with worthy services. with customers’ investment pockets.

Detailed, thorough, meticulous consultation, free concept quote

Before customers pay money, sign the contract. If customers have time, we will let customers visit actual construction projects that are being constructed and always stay at the construction site (In the spirit of buying a product, you must understand it thoroughly, you must see it with your own eyes and ears).

Cost savings

We offer consulting solutions to customers on how to minimize production costs leading to unnecessary waste, while the product still has stable functions and is safe for users’ health.

Strict budgeting

One of the concerns of customers is that when the project is completed, the price is inflated too much. With Kieu Duong Interior, if there are clear design documents and detailed annexes but the price is still inflated, the estimator must be responsible. , accurate estimates, on-schedule dates and times are some of the things we value. In addition, we help you estimate other costs outside of construction such as electronics, equipment, materials, etc.

Practical design

All Kieu Duong Interior designs offered are very detailed, reasonable and constructible. Kieu Duong’s interior designers are very detailed, practical and constructible. Designers are very technical, so they always produce products that can be drawn and constructed, not just for aesthetic appeal.


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